Sunday, July 20, 2014


While me driving him to school,
Younger Boy started a chat.

YB : I know what you're going to say.

I : Really?

YB : Yes. I know.

I : You think I'll say,
'Have you got your water bottle?'

YB : No.

I : You think I'll say,
'Have you got your P.E kit?'

YB : No.

I : You think I'll say,
'Make sure you pay full attention in class.'?

YB : No.

I : Oh...come on then, please tell me.

YB : You know it.

I : Oh...come on, give me a hint.

YB : You'll say,
'Water can't injure but slipping will.'

(Oh, yes, it's raining! My wipers on!)

Say No More, Children are Smart after all
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Sunday, July 6, 2014


I've been surprised time and time again,
For the last 4 months while helping children,
Who were around 10 years old or younger.

The Age that I define as 'Foundation Age'.
They ALL exceeded parents' expectation,
As well as my expectation.

They Enjoyed learning new things.
They Mastered new things Quickly.
They wanted to learn More.

10 out of 10.
No Exception.
Should this be a surprise conclusion?

I've been thinking...
How I could help more children,
To benefit from Positive Stimulation?

Every Child Could be the PM, living in No. 10
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Sunday, June 22, 2014


While World Cup is on,
I asked Younger Boy a question.

I : Which team do you support?

YB : Italy.

I : Any particular reason?

YB : Same reason I support Chelsea.

I : Chelsea?
The team in Premier?

YB : Yes.

I : And the reason is?

YB : Both teams wear Blue shirts.

I : That's why you support them?
Because they're in Blue?

YB : Yep.

I : So, if I wear Blue from now on,
Would you support me more?

YB:  Well...No.
I used to like Blue...
But now, I prefer Orange.

Family Grows Together, Support Each Other
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Friday, June 13, 2014


I always remind our boys,
To ask themselves a question,
'Am I being Honest with myself?'

I've been asking myself this question.
Followed by the following question,
'Do I've anything to Prove?'

The answer is....
And 'No'.

'No' - I don't have to Prove myself.
'Yes' - I'd like to Prove to others,
How they can easily become Better.

Better of Themselves.
If I failed in a entry test  of a good secondary,
When I was 12, When I was in HK.

When the maths test paper was in English,
When I couldn't understand the word, 'Add',
'Subtract', 'Divided by' etc.

And now I could write Blogs in English,
Tweet in English, YouTube in English,
Write an E-Book in English.

So could everyone...
To become Better.
If they try harder, learn harder.

Practise makes one Better,
 Whether you want to be a Footballer,
An Actor or a Scholar.

Nothing is Harder than Convince Ourselves Nothing is Hard
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Tuesday, June 3, 2014


Before leaving home for the Hospice,
Younger Boy started a chat.

YB : Make sure you remember to bring...

I : Yes, I remember.
Bring the cheque for the Hospice.

YB : Also remember to bring...

I : Yes, I remember.
Bring the address of the Hospice.

YB : Do remember to bring...

I : Yes, I remember...

YB : Our football.

I : Football?

YB : Yes, so we can play at a nearby park,
After visiting the Children's Hospice?

I : OK.
But make sure you remember to bring...

YB : Me? Bring?

I : Yes, a book!
So you can read while I drive.

Remember KFC : Kindness For Children
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Sunday, May 25, 2014


Is it a fact that there are...
More unhappy people than happy ones?
If so, is it anything to do with...

Most people expecting they Deserve More?
I remind our boys they should expect nothing.
They should put in More Time, More Efforts...

I actually think I've More than I deserve,
Given that I'd Failed so many times.
And it's about time to give back More.

So I recently shared with HK parents,
In a popular HK parents' forum.
In addition to me helping UK parents/children.

I hope I've taken HK parents to another level.
Not just about getting into the Oxbridge,
But more about getting along with their child/ren.

How to avoid being a Pushy/Punish parent.
How to make a team with their child/ren...
By being a Polish Parent.

The following thread starts in Chinese,
But my sharing is in English (I'm 'Fate')

Want More? Give More!
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Thursday, May 15, 2014


While having our after school snack,
Younger boy started a chat.

YB : We've a Talent Show coming.

I : Show?

YB : Yes, kind of competition.

I : Competition?

YB : Yes. Only for Yr 7.
One can sing, dance, play instrument etc.

I : Alright.  Did you enter?

YB : Kind of.

I : Kind of?

YB : Yeah.
A classmate has asked me to join him.

I : What are you two to perform?

YB : He's going to play guitar and sing.
I'll play piano in the background.

I : That's good. Team work.
Have you thought about doing it alone?

YB : No, it won't be fair.

I : What do you mean?

YB : I'm doing my grade 8 in piano.
It won't be fair to others as they're at lower grades.

Be Honest. Be Fair. Be Prepared.
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