Friday, September 12, 2014


Family went for a night shopping,
When we had a holiday in HK.

Younger Boy started a chat,
When us looking for bargains at a shop.

YB : Dad, look.
(Showing me a pair of shoes)

I : Yes, I Know.
Good shoe...but expansive.

YB : No. Look closer.

I : The design?

YB : No. Look at the brand.

I : It's Adidas?

YB : Yes.

I : So?

YB : So, look again.

I : Hm.....

YB : Look. (Pointing at the letters)
It's 'Adiaas!

Look Out or Lose Out
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Thursday, September 4, 2014


I've found the interview.
The one that I'd in Hong Kong.

You've found the formula.
The one that you'd use at home.

All have found the future.
The one that would make a better family.

A Good Interview Gives a Good Life Preview/Review
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Thursday, August 28, 2014


The Greatest Challenge for our kids?
Not passing their Exams,
Not perfecting their Look,

Having the Brain...
And Brave enough to say 'NO'...

To Silly and very often...
Self-harm act that many blindly follow...
The 'Let's have some fun' Culture.

Including the latest one,
That has a charity touch,
Endorsed by Rich & Famous...

Like Bill Gates,
Like Mark Zuckerberg etc.
Yes, the Ice Bucket Challenge.

Sooner or later,
This Challenge is to cause someone...
Either seriously sick/injured or even death.

If I'm nominated for this Challenge,
I'll accept the Challenge and turn it into...
A New and More Meaningful Challenge :

Drink a glass of water.
Remind all water shouldn't be wasted to make ice.
Remind all water should be drunk more for health.

Then donate double amount to the charity.
Then making everyone a Winner.
Noone gets sick.

Noone gets injury.
Charity gets more money.
No More Silly Fun Culture.

Greatest Challenge : Say NO to Silly Challenge
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Sunday, August 17, 2014


I was humbled again.
Because I was approached.... a few columnists.

1 was from a HK parenting magazine.
She'd found a way to find me....
While I was on holiday in HK with family.

She sent me an Email....
With a request for an interview....
With.....10 questions.

That's before I agreed to be interviewed!
Very Efficient.
Very Sensible questions.... + more questions.

So if you're in HK,
You may wish to buy the Sing Tao paper (星島),
Get a coupon, exchange for the magazine (親子王).

On (Thurs) 28 August.
If you are not in HK,
You may wish to visit the following site,

I wish you would find my interview useful.
For you to copy, modify etc. for your child;
Or use it as an example of what NOT to do!

Magazine reminds parents are Love Giving Machine
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Sunday, August 10, 2014


In Hong Kong.
ParkN, 1 of Big 2 supermarket chains.
Younger boy smiled at bakery section.

I : Why are you smiling?

YB : It's so funny.

I : Funny?

YB : Yes.
There're 5 spelling mistakes.

I : Really?

YB : Yes. Let me show you.
This one, Becon Roll.
It should be Bacon Roll.

I : Oh, yes.

YB : Thousand Island Sause Sausage?
It should be Sauce sausage.

I : Yes, of course.

YB : This one, French Rpll
It should be French Roll.

I : Yes, you're right.

YB : What about this one?

I : I know.
This one, Sweet Patato Bun.
It should be Sweet Potato Bun.

YB : Correct.
And this one?

I : Miffin?
It should be Muffin.

Makes No Mistake : One has to Learn from Mistakes
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Friday, August 1, 2014


In Hong Kong.
Enjoying the food,
And the Challenges.

Not pre-planned action.
It just happened...
When I was Right there.

A child lacked Confidence,
When playing double in badminton.
I then played with him on 1-1.

Told him to focus on 2 simple moves.
He listened, looked, did and did again.
He got better and better and...smiled.

Another child was Panic.
Spelling test was on the following day.
Told her to focus on 1 word at a time.

'Look, Say, Spell, Write, Explain, Use....'
She cried...happy tears...then smiled.
No problem on the test day.

Take the Right Way, be Happier Every Day
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Sunday, July 20, 2014


While me driving him to school,
Younger Boy started a chat.

YB : I know what you're going to say.

I : Really?

YB : Yes. I know.

I : You think I'll say,
'Have you got your water bottle?'

YB : No.

I : You think I'll say,
'Have you got your P.E kit?'

YB : No.

I : You think I'll say,
'Make sure you pay full attention in class.'?

YB : No.

I : Oh...come on then, please tell me.

YB : You know it.

I : Oh...come on, give me a hint.

YB : You'll say,
'Water can't injure but slipping will.'

(Oh, yes, it's raining! My wipers on!)

Say No More, Children are Smart after all
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