Saturday, April 19, 2014


It's the time of year,
When 11+  is getting near.
Many may start having fear.

It's not life and death,
But only a reality check,
Only help you to plan ahead.

It's just another project,
You and your child get :
Work as a team as simple as that.

My boys' CGS has Open Days,
1st one on 26 April  Saturday.
1st on GSCE results by the way.

Would I see you/your child at Seaton Library?
I'll be there to help a child becoming better lately.

Longyin will be at Seaton Library too,
1150-1300 hrs on (Sat) 26 April - us two.

Your child's Future is in your hands.
We try to help in the best way we can.
Answer your questions in the coming weekend.

11+  is a 'PLUS' in Life 
Twitter : @longyinfather (aim to go live in May)

Saturday, April 12, 2014


They say,
'Presentation is Everything'.
But I say,

'Presentation is only the Beginning.'
Because not only one has to be...
Good at Speaking,

But also has to be...
Good at Delivering.
Kind of like the old saying...

'Talk the Talk, Walk the Walk.'
But it's always better to start with something,
So, let's look at this video,

'The Secrets of a Great Speech.'
With me showing a good example?
Or me showing you what NOT to follow?

Great Presentation comes from Great Execution
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Friday, April 4, 2014

Prize (3)

April Fools' Day.
Another Lucky Draw Day.
And the Last Draw at the end of the day.

On 1 April, I drew another 2 lucky readers,
From those buying the E-book for others,

Since I'm still very busy on several fronts,
Includes helping kids to have more Maths fun.

So my personal website,,
Has yet to be completed.

So I've to announce the 2 lucky winners,
Here in this Blog,
And to thank them for their support.

Ms Lewis in Canada, John in Midland.
Thanks for supporting,
Children Hospice South West.

Your small gift is on its way.
Hope it's to light up your days.
And wish everyone to have more happy days.

The Ultimate Prize in Life : A Happier Life
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Wednesday, March 26, 2014


I'm Humbled by parents' Trust in me.
They contacted me through call, text,
Email to seek my help for their child.

I'm Happy by children's Readiness to learn.
They're Curious, Excited & Enthusiastic.
Every child likes to see instant improvement.

I'm Hopeful about UK's future.
More parents are more proactively,
Positively in helping their child to be better.

Not Pushy but Polish parents,
As stated in my E-Book,
Polishing their child's Essential Life Skill.

Happiness come for Hard Workers
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Saturday, March 15, 2014


While having our breakfast,
I had a chat with Younger Boy.

I : Do you know how much the footballer...
Rodney is earning a week?

YB : Rodney?
You mean Rooney?

I : Oh, sorry. Yeah, Wayne Rooney.

YB : You told me before.
£200,000 a week.

I : Sorry, that's up until last week.
Now he's earning £300,000 a week!

YB : Wow, that's a lot!

I : Do you want to be Rod...I mean, Rooney?

YB : Probably not.

I : Why not?

YB : Well, you've to be in the 0.0001%.
But to be a doctor, it's probably like 1%.

I : You're probably right.

YB : Not everyone can be Rooney.
But many more can be a doctor.

I : And?

YB : And I'm not very good at football.

Probably Right to Explore all Possibilities
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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Prize (2)

Life is always like this :
Thing takes time to happen.
So one has to be very patient.

I've been very patient.
Because I've 3H to deal with.
Health Scare, House Leak, Help Yourself project.

So is....
Still a  'work in progress'.
But I did draw 2 lucky readers.

And I would like to announce here.
Roger from South West,
Vivian from HK.

Thank you for buying my E-Book.
Thank you for supporting,
Children's Hospice South West.

Your small gift is soon on its way.
Be Patient.
Be Surprised.

The last draw will be held on 1.4.14.
Yes, the April's Fool Day.
Yes, Life can be happy if you want it to be.

Best Prize : 3H : Happy, Healthy, Helpful
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Thursday, February 20, 2014


While having dinner at home,
I asked Elder Boy a question.

I : Do I have a catch phrase?

EB : Yes, you've 3.

I : Oh, really?

EB : Yes. The 1st one is :
'There's goods news and bad news.'

I : And you always ask me back right away.
My reply always is : tell me bad news 1st.

EB : That's true.
The 2nd one is :
'Didn't I tell you that?'

I : That's true....hahaha...
And the 3rd one?

EB : 'Do you know what just happened?'

I : Very true.....hahaha.
And what's your catch phrase?

EB : You know...

I : I know?

EB : Yes, it's just,
'You know'.

Life has No Catch : Failure before Success
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