Sunday, December 14, 2014


While on our way to school,
Younger Boy started a chat.

YB : Do you know one can tell...
How healthy one is from their P...?

I : Yeah...sort of...

YB : Actually, there're 4 factors.

I : Really, 'Doctor'?

YB : Yes.
1st is the Texture.
If the Texture is....

I : I know. I know...
What's the 2nd?

YB : The Colour.
If the Colour...

I : OK. OK...
The 3rd?

YB : The Smell.
If the Smell...

I : Fine. Fine..
And the last factor?

YB : Well, the Difficulty.
If it's Difficult....

I : I get it.  I get it...
I'll start eating more healthy.
You, I meant, Putting me off my lunch now.

The Truth has to Come Out
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Monday, December 1, 2014


At a supermarket the other day.
Saw a 65+  knowingly parking her car,
At a spot reserved for motorbikes only.

At a swimming pool the other day.
Saw a 40+  standing in the middle of a pool,
Threw a ball with his kids, obstructing others.

At a sport centre the other day.
Saw a 30+  maliciously making a false report,
Demonise a parent to cover his own Dishonesty.

Many complain about the world we're in today,
Complaining how people LACK  Self-Discipline,
Respect for others,  Consideration for others etc.

Yet they themselves behave just like the above 3,
Making themselves Unrespectable,
Making themselves a 'Role Model' for their kids?

Problematic Children come from Problematic Parents
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014


Before leaving home for railway station,
I double checked with Younger Boy.

I : I'll leave to pick up mum.
Could you remind me what you'd do.

YB : OK.
First, turn on the main switch.
Then press the rice cooker's 'On'.

I : When would you do that?

YB : 10 minutes after you leave home.

I : Great.
And then?

YB : Then, turn on the oven.
And set the timer.

I : For how long?

YB : 20 minutes.

I : Excellent.
When would you do that?

YB : 5 minutes after I turn on rice cooker.

I : One last question.
How do you remember all that?

YB : Do you remember I did it once?
And I'll set alarms when you leave.

(He peeked behind curtain, saw me reversing then started timing)

Little Chef, Big Helper, Great Planner
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Tuesday, October 28, 2014


I keep reminding my boys,
Life is full of Tests.
And 11 + is just 1 out of many Tests.

Many parents are panic about 11+.
As a result, make their child panic.
To me,  11+ =  Picnic, no Panic.

11+ = Picnic because it's a Journey.
For parents + child to enjoy together,
Plan, Learn, Work + Progress together.

So, when I was approached by parents,
Wanting to pay me to 'coach' their child,
To help their child to pass the 11+.

I turned down their request,
Reminding them they could do it themselves,
They're the best person to help their child.

It's all  about helping their child to...
Develop the 3 C.
Confidence, Competence, Competitiveness.

I was very pleased to see,
The parents got the ideas.
And their children passed the 11+.

11+ = Chance to Identify Strength + Weakness
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Saturday, October 18, 2014


Younger Boy started a chat,
While we're playing table tennis.

YB : Do you know what...
We discussed at school today?

I : Something interesting?

YB : Yes, we talked about  IQ.

I : IQ?
So what do you know about it?

YB : I know IQ is to...
Make the most of your brain.

I : Oh, yes.

YB : And about what you should do.

I : True.

YB : Do you know what EQ is?

I : Emotional Quotient.

YB : That's right.
EQ is about what you should not do.

I : And?

YB : And...When to Stop.

Do or Not Do, Depends on YOU
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Sunday, October 5, 2014


HK is in turmoil.
Effecting every HKer.
Some now Hate, Dislike, Unlike...

Unfriend etc. each other.
Because they're on different side :
One on the side of the HK Police,

The other on the side of HK Students.
I turned this once in a lifetime Crisis,
Into once in a lifetime Chances...

Chances to help myself and my boys,
To become Better by understanding...
Others and Ourselves more.

I asked my boys,
'Which side are you on :
Police or Students?'

They asked me back.
I reminded them,
'I'm always on the Right Side.'

'Not on the side of the Police,
'Not on the side of the Students.
'But whoever did the Right thing...

'At one particular time,
'I'll support them.
'I look at EACH incident on its Merit.'

I also reminded them,
'Never, Ever fall into, what I call,
ET, NOT the movie, but...

'Emotion Trap.
'Do NOT tie your Emotions to any particular...
'Individual or group;

'Make sure your Judgement is based on...
'Facts + Consequences of EACH incident.
'Because we're all only Humans,

'We all make Bad Decisions sometimes,
'Good Decisions some other times.
'Noone is 100% Right at All times.'

I gave them 2 examples.
Police was Wrong in firing CS Gas,
Against mostly peaceful protesting students.

Students were Wrong in occupying...
Too many roads for too long to obstruct...
Innocents from going to work, schools etc.

Everyone has the Imperfect Side
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Monday, September 29, 2014


While me driving him to school,
Younger Boy started a chat.

YB : Do you know what a...
Typical British Conversation is like?

I : Well, kind of...

YB : OK. Let me tell you.
It always starts with the Weather.

I : Oh, yes.

YB : Then,
'How's your weekend?'

I : That's true.

YB : Nothing personal.
Nothing specific.

I : You're right.

YB : And...

I : And?

YB : And it always ends with a High.

I : A High?

YB : Yes, something like,
'Have a good weekend!'

Typical Child. Typical Observant. Typical Tired Parent.
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